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Industrial News

High Grade Anti-theft Security Screen Mesh

High grade anti-theft security screen mesh is safety mesh for doors and windows. Anti-impact, anti-theft, anti-mosquito, etc., the mesh surface is smooth, grid standard. The interweaving of warp and weft is the first choice for anti-theft and home security protection.

  Impact-resistant, anti-theft, anti-mosquito. High-temperature resistance, flame retardant, etc., high strength, strong corrosion-resistance, beautiful color, can well increase the air circulation rate and sunlight exposure. The high grade anti-theft security screen mesh is woven from stainless steel wire. Installed on aluminum doors and windows, beautiful and elegant. It truly embodies the trinity of anti-theft, anti-insect, ventilation and trinity. Emergency escape is fast, without isolation and without occlusion. Easy to clean, just clean it with a rag. The service life can be as long as 10-15 years.


  1. Eliminate unsafe factors and prevent us from being attacked or hurt by mice, snakes, flies and mosquitoes.

  2. To prevent unsafe conditions from falling from high altitude due to the opening of doors and windows.

  3. The room can be kept bright and natural, without isolation, blocking, and depression.

  4. Easy to open and easy to escape. Unlike traditional fixed mesh, family members can easily escape the scene when a fire or other crisis occurs.

  5. No air resistance, good indoor ventilation, reduce unnecessary air conditioning operations.

  6. Dust and oil are easy to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or general brush to clean.

  7. Can resist up to 30% of ultraviolet rays, allowing you to enjoy the sun while reducing the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

  8. Reduce eye damage caused by sharp objects and white pollutions.

  9. Completely made of environmentally friendly materials, low carbon and environmental protection without pollution.

  10. Applicable to high-end residences, villas, etc., with a wide range of applications.

  The high grade anti-theft security screen mesh is made of stainless steel wire mesh. The surface is treated with electrostatic spraying, which can resist acid rain and other bad weather or environmental corrosion factors for a long time. It has the characteristics of anti-theft, anti-mosquito, easy to clean. The most important thing is to have anti-theft function.

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