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Tech Text

Security screen mesh detection methods on the market

There are more and more Security screen mesh manufacturers in the market. How can we tell from which to buy high-quality Security screen meshs. Guaranteed that the Security screen mesh we bought was worth the money.

The scientific detection method is to find a method of high-quality Security screen mesh products.

1, stainless steel potion detection method, its characteristics are;

A. There is no need for professional operators. It can be operated in a few minutes after reading the instructions.

B, non-destructive testing, no need to drill and sample,

C, economical and accurate, the cost of each test is only 0.15 yuan, and the accuracy is as high as 95% or more.

D, small size, easy to carry, can be tested on site,

E, the sample is not high, no rust, no oil, no plating.

2, spectral detection method, its characteristics are:

A. It requires professional operation, fast speed and high testing cost.

B. Non-destructive testing;

C. The instrument is expensive, has a certain useful life, and is inconvenient to maintain.

D, large volume, inconvenient to carry, need to charge in time after testing a certain sample,

E. The requirements on the surface of the sample are high, otherwise the detection accuracy will decrease.

3. Chemical detection method, its characteristics are:

A. It requires professional operation, it takes a long time and the testing cost is high.

B. Need to drill and sample on stainless steel surface,

C. The detection data has high accuracy. This method is generally used for arbitration analysis.

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