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High Tensile Security Screen Mesh

good quality stainless steel security window screen mesh

good quality stainless steel security window screen mesh

MAISHI supply top quality Security wire mesh screen for doors and windows In the market, some of the suppliers o

MAISHI supply top quality Security wire mesh screen for doors and windows.

In the market, some of the suppliers offer 304 grade, which is cheaper. But we use AISI316 grade, which is marine grade, and will not rust even after years of usage in wet marine environment. After years of usage, the powder in the handle part may get off. If SS304 grade, it will get rust in the marine environment, and effect the beautifulness of the door and window. While SS316 can keep its original color without rusting.

MAISHI security screens quality

- Sheets are flat (no any wave on the surface)

- Square and clear hole without burs

- Exact hole size and wire thickness

- No obvious tiger lines on the surface

- No color difference on the surface

- No sundries on the surface

- No folded wires on edges

- Tolerance of diagonal length is within +/-5mm

- Edge cutted along one wire

Quality Control

>> MAISHI control the quality from the origin. When the mesh wire arrive at our factory, we will check its chemical component, make sure the wire thickness is correct and even.

>> After the mesh is woven, we check the mesh surface, test the wire thickness and mesh hole size to make sure it is correct.

>> We clean the mesh thouroughly to make sure there is no dust, or dirty on the mesh surface, thus to make sure the powder is well attached to the mesh and no dirties attached under the powder.

>> Before packing, we check the mesh pieces one by one to make sure tgood quality meshes will be delivered.

>> Then we carefully lift the mesh and separate each piece of the security mesh screen with waterproof paper. Thus to make sure the meshes will not be scratched by each other, and keep the mesh surface is smooth and beautiful.

>> After all is finished, we use the poly-wood case, which is not wooden, thus to make sure there is no potentional worm egg inside of the wood to harm the local environment. And we pack the case with steel belt, not nails. Thus to make sure the mesh will not be damaged by nails during transportation.




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